Thursday, June 16, 2016

Almost There C,D,E

Going into this class, Ms. McMahon told us that we had to be able to write three total essays, each one taking 40-45 minutes each. We had already done rhetorical analysis and argument. The one that was left was a synthesis essay. At first, I had no idea what a synthesis was. Once Ms. McMahon showed us examples of them, I realized it was essentially the same as an AP US History DBQ. Thank god, it didn't require any history though.

I hated writing synthesis papers. They required so much time reading the documents and finding out how to group them. However, I did the best on them. I think it's because everything is given to me. I didn't have to make things up in my head as I went. They gave me all of the information I needed in a way. I ended up getting my first 8 on a synthesis paper.

As you can see I stopped fluffing up my essays. I was clear and concise on my position. I was proud of myself. I thought my first 8 would be on an argument piece, but hey, I'm not complaining. I felt as if I was ready for the AP exam. I could write each essay in 40-45 minutes, and I always did well on the multiple choice. I was ready to get at least a 4 on the exam.

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