Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Next Chapter B,D,E

The second essay we had to learn how to write was an argument piece. I liked the argument pieces. They were generally the easiest type for me. The only hard part was thinking of examples from the top of your head and finish writing the essay in 40 minutes. You couldn't spend 20 minutes to think about examples. It was a pain. One topics of the argumentative essay was on competition. I knew a lot about competition through sports and other activities. I was always a competitive guy.  I wrote about the first thing that came to my head: Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. I wrote as much as I could in 40 minutes. I was proud of myself. I felt as if I put everything I could into that essay. I ended up getting a 6, and I was happy about it. For a first try, I thought that it was a good starting point. There was always three ways to go with an argument essay: for, against, or qualify. It depended on how you stood on the matter. I felt as if this was my strongest paragraph because it's what I knew best.

Every year, we also do a persuasive essay. There are 25 or so topics to choose from and of course, I chose the one having to do with sports. I picked the topic that argued if the NFL shows bias against the Patriots. I was for that argument. I researched a lot on the topic and went to town. I wrote about the unfair treatment the Patriots received regarding the Deflategate Scandal and how other teams did the same thing but received no punishment at all. However, I got a 2.75 out of 4. I focused on just the facts. I didn't really add in my opinion. I focused solely on the facts. I didn't focus on the views of other people. In other words, I didn't look at the argument from all angles. I only looked at it from my side. Ray wrote 16 pages compared to my 4 pages, but I got a better grade. It shows length doesn't matter. It's the content. Not great I know but if you read it you'll understand why.

All of the argument pieces we wrote helped me form an opinion for myself instead of just joining onto others. I could think for myself. I could finally think of examples from current times from the top of my head after training my brain for the AP Exam. Arguments were the easiest type of essay for me. I could finally argue on something that wasn't related to sports. I could join in during arguments and debates in my family. The last essay we had was a synthesis essay.

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